903 S. Friendswood Dr.
Friendswood, TX 77546
(281) 612-2116

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YIN & YANG Healthcare -- AcupunctureChiropracticHouston.com


Address: 903 S. Friendswood Dr.
Friendswood, TX 77546
Phone: 281-612-2116
Email: INFO@YINandYANGHealthcare.com

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Mon-Friday: 9am-6pm,
Sunday: Closed.



Have you been injured and have been living with pain such as low back pain or neck pain?

You do not have to live in pain and reduce the quality of life by suffering.

Dr. Ouyang uses his medical expertise and specialized fields of acupunture and chiropractic medicine to treat the injury and facilitate in healing the trauma, allowing you to not just relieve the pain and injury but to treat the source and release the muscle dysfunction.

We can help you get out of pain and get healthy again.

Contact us: email INFO@YINandYANGHealthcare.com

Or Call 281-612-2116


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903 S Friendswood Dr, Friendswood, TX 77546. Tel: (281) 612-2116. Email: info@yinandyanghealthcare.com
Office Hours: Mon-Saturday 9am-6pm, Sun & Holidays by appointment
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