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The New York Times helps make acupuncture history

Acupuncture has been practiced empirically for several millennia and served as the major medical resources in China and other Asian countries. However, it is only during the last four decades that acupuncture is being generally accepted by practitioners and patients in the United States.

James Reston, a journalist from the New York Times, made acupuncture history 40 years ago. Mr. Reston suffered appendicitis requiring an emergency appendectomy while visiting China with Henry Kissinger in July 1971. After his appendix was removed through conventional surgery in Beijing, his post-operative pain was miraculously relieved with acupuncture.  In 1972, the article about his wonderful experience with acupuncture was published on the New York Times.

For the first time in history, James Reston introduced acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to millions of modern Americans. The history of acupuncture in the US begins there!



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