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The New York Times article reports acupuncture is effective for pain management

The Hard Road Back is a series of articles reported by James Dao featured in the New York Times.  The articles chronicle the experience of our military veterans, who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan, but continue to confront the medical and psychological scars of battle.   Used to Helping, a Chaplain Finds the Tables Turned, is one of the articles in this series.   Lt. Col. Richard Brunk, a former Army Chaplain, is still dealing with the after effects in Iraq eight years ago.  YIN & YANG Healthcare is proud of our active and veteran military men and women. We salute their service and loyalty!



Therapies including acupuncture eased Colonel Brunk's headaches more effectively than drugs.


News Story link: http://www.nytimes.com/imagepages/2012/12/16/us/JP-CHAPLAIN-2.html


Lt. Col. Richard Brunk is one of our veteran patients. We are honored that he chooses to come to our clinic seeking help for Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) caused by traumatic brain Injury (TBI). Acupuncture eased his headaches and other symptoms more effectively than drugs. The video for the acupuncture therapy was taken in our clinic showing Dr. O performing acupuncture on Lt. Col. Brunk. 


"Doctors discovered damage to his inner ear and introduced him to new kinds of therapy, including acupuncture, which eased his headaches more effectively than drugs."

– Used to Helping, a Chaplain Finds the Tables Turned, of The Hard Road Back by James Dao/The New York Times


Dr.O, Mary, Lt. Col. Brunk and New York Times reporter James Dao and Photographer Todd Heisler at our clinic.


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